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Discover the Best DTF Printer for Beginners: Introducing the Prestige R1!

Best DTF Printer for Beginners

Welcome to the future of DTF printing. Today, we introduce the Prestige R1, the best DTF printer for beginners—a visionary leap forward in beginner-friendly printing technology. Crafted with precision engineering and backed by years of expertise, the Prestige R1 embodies our commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards. Whether you’re just starting your printing journey or seeking to upgrade to a more capable machine, the Prestige R1 promises to elevate your creativity and efficiency to unprecedented heights.

The 1st DTF Printer for Beginners Designed from Scratch

Over the past few years, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of DTF printing to create the best possible printer for beginners. Our initial attempt, the converted Prestige A3+R printer, generated significant interest in cutting-edge printing technology but fell short of delivering the optimal user experience due to technological limitations at the time. Subsequently, the development of the converted Prestige A4 DTF printer gained popularity in the market but did not fully meet our expectations for user satisfaction. Despite these challenges, these efforts provided invaluable insights as we engaged closely with our dealers and end-users, gaining a deeper understanding of their preferences and needs.

While continuously enhancing our products and services, we’ve recognized that converted printers may still encounter reliability issues, compatibility challenges, and limited support, hindering users from fully enjoying the creative process with DTF technology. Therefore, developing an original DTF printer specifically designed for beginners became essential to elevate customer satisfaction. This decision led us to introduce the Prestige R1—a reliable solution for beginner users, empowering them to confidently achieve perfect prints and enhance their creative endeavors.

Redefining Beginner DTF Printing with A3+ Capability

Prestige R1 is not only our first original DTF printer for beginners but also our 1st beginners’ DTF printer with 35cm film width and A3+ printing width(33cm).

Compared with A4 Printer: A4 used to be the most popular size for beginner DTF printer, but things are changing a lot these days. As we have been constantly watching out for new trends in DTF printing industry, we find A3 is becoming more and more popular among beginner users and it seems to be a unenevitable trending in the future and thus we decide to upgrade the printing width to A3+.

Compared with A3 Printer: When compared with the traditional A3 DTF printer with 30cm printing width, the extra 3cm printing width not only provide extra canvas for more design posibilities but also increase the productivity and prinitng speed for business users.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits of A3+ printing width, another benefits is that DTG users deal a lot of projects with A3 sizes, the A3+ printing width settings allows them easily to switch from DTG to DTF without lossing their current custom basis and orders. This smooth transition make it easier for DTG users who want to try DTF printing to try this new technology.

Unmatched Quality To Bridges the Gap Between Pro & Beginner Printers

However, the launch of Prestige R1 printer is far more than the 3cm extra printing width for DTF printing users, it provides unmatched quality from any converted desktop entral level printer and keeps so many amazing features and functions which is usually only available from the Pro or commercial printers. In conclusion, Prestige R1 is an intermeida option to brings the gap between Pro and beginner printers. The following are some features need to be highlighted for users looking for not an ordinary DTF printer for beginners:

Original Design

Compared to a converted printer, the Prestige R1 features a unique design where each part is meticulously engineered and optimized to work seamlessly together, ensuring optimal precision and performance. This original design guarantees compatibility and reliability, delivering consistent print quality, reliable printer performance, and extended longevity.

While converted printers may initially save costs, they can lead to higher long-term expenses. Issues like compatibility problems, reduced print quality, and increased maintenance needs can result in additional expenditures over time. In contrast, opting for an original printer can prove to be a more cost-effective choice in the long run, often paying for itself quickly.

Honsonsoft Mainboard

Another significant difference between a converted printer and original ones lies in the software. Converted printers typically rely on pirated software, whereas the Prestige R1 utilizes the original Honsonsoft mainboard and software. This ensures tailored settings and access to a wide range of versatile functions necessary for DTF printing tasks.

Using original software also brings additional benefits such as updates and support from the supplier. With original software, users can expect to receive regular firmware updates and software improvements directly from the manufacturer. These updates can improve performance, introduce new features, and address security vulnerabilities.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

One of the most critical factors to consider when choosing a DTF printer for beginners is its ease of use and maintenance. To facilitate an easy learning curve for both individual users and businesses, we continuously push boundaries to make the Prestige R1 an intuitive, powerful, and compact printing solution. This ensures that everyone can quickly familiarize themselves with it and start printing like a professional soon after basic training. Below are some settings we implement to simplify the printing process for all users:

  • White Ink Management System(WlMS): timed white ink stirring system to circulate and maintain white ink inside printer.
  • Passive Auto-Cleaning: when printer is left on, it will automatically maintain and clean printhead every 4 hours.
  • Active Auto-Cleaning: during set intervals (even during printing), printer can stop to clean printhead.
  • Head Strike Sensor: helps prevent damage to printhead.
  • Front Heating Area: Pre-heats inks to regulate powder application, optimizing adhesion, texture, color clarity, process consistency, and overall print quality.
  • Vacuum Suction Bed: It ensures film adherence, prevents bubbling, and maintains precise ink deposition and registration for consistent print quality.
  • Pinch Roller Switch: Allows users to hold up or down the pinch roller easier for film feeding adjustment.
  • White Ink Circulation Controller: Adjust white ink stirring and circulating speed and force to achieve optimal results.
  • Auto Ink Alert System: informs user when ink is running low.

Flexible Automation Options

In addition to its versatile functions and features, Prestige R1 offers flexible automation options. For users engaged in small print-on-demand projects using DTF printing, combining Prestige R1 with the Seismo S20 desktop powder shaker and Phoenix Air 4050 DTF printing oven provides a compact solution ideal for home use and small printing stores.

Alternatively, for users preferring minimal human intervention, the Miro 13 offers a fully automated solution where the equipment operates autonomously, producing rolls of ready-to-press transfers suitable for larger projects. This setup also ensures scalability; as businesses expand beyond this setup, users can upgrade from Prestige R1 to Prestige R2 Pro, achieving a daily output of approximately 180 pieces of 12″ x 12″ transfers and advancing their business to the next level.

Industrial-Grade Printing at Entry-Level Prices

The original design of Prestige R1 incorporates meticulously engineered components and utilizes proprietary software developed by a leading manufacturer. These elements are specifically designed to work in harmony, ensuring precise and reliable printing performance comparable to that of commercial and industrial printers. With advanced features tailored for professional users, such as adjustable print settings and enhanced ink circulation control, Prestige R1 achieves exceptional print quality and consistency.

Despite its capability to deliver high-quality prints, Prestige R1 remains competitively priced. This affordability makes it particularly appealing to new users eager to experience the benefits of DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing technology without a significant upfront investment. Moreover, for those who have previously dealt with the complexities and limitations of converted desktop printers, Prestige R1 offers a reliable and efficient alternative, promising a smoother and more productive printing experience overall.


Discover a new standard in DTF printing with the Prestige R1, the ultimate choice for beginners entering the world of digital printing. Redefining what beginners can achieve, this printer boasts A3+ capability and delivers exceptional quality that bridges the gap between novice and professional printers. With industrial-grade precision at entry-level prices, the Prestige R1 empowers you to create stunning prints with ease. Whether you’re starting a business or upgrading your home setup, this versatile printer promises to exceed your expectations. Unlock your printing potential with the Prestige R1, recognized as the best DTF printer for beginners. Begin your journey towards exceptional prints and explore the possibilities today.


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