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Industrial Production with DTF | Prestige R2 Pro

Compact, powerful, and perfect for businesses printing 150 to 200 shirts daily. Leading the DTF industry, it offers industrial print quality and value at an affordable price. Ideal for those new to DTF or transitioning from DTG.

Desktop Size

Our desktop DTF printer's compact size (85*64*53cm) maximizes your workspace, perfect for small businesses with limited room.

Industrial Output

Two industrial printheads delivering 2sqm/hour 720 x 1800 dpi, ensure intricate designs and photo-realistic results that sell fast.

Entry-level Pricing

Its entry-level price enables small businesses get professional results without the hefty price tag! Find Best Deals with Your Local Dealer Now!

Your Printing Business Powerhouse

DTF Gang Sheet Printing

$2550 Daily Profits

  • Daily Prints: 204 pieces (8 Working Hours)
  • Printing costs: $0.5/T-shirt
  • Blank T-shirt Costs: $2/T-shirt
  • Retail Price: $15-$25/T-shirt
  • Daily Profits: ($15-$2-$0.5)*204=$2550
DTF Printed Projects

Perfect Size for Garment Decor

A3 size caters to a wide range of garment decoration projects, accommodating various sizes with ease. Additionally, it enables seamless transitions from DTG to DTF, preserving existing customers, as A3 is a commonly used size among DTG users.

R2 Pro Desktop DTF Printer for Beginner

Beyong Garment Decoration

DTF technology works on most fabrics you could find in market like cotton, nylon, denim, leather, polyester, and blends, allowing customization of t-shirts, hoodies, hats, tags, bags, flags, koozies, and more.

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Automated Maintenance Features
Simplifying DTF Printing for You

White Ink Auto-Stirring & Circulating in Every 5 Minutes

Auto-Cleaning to Maintain & Clean Printhead Every 4 Hours

Auto Ink Alert System to Informs User When Ink Is Running Low.

Proactive Safety Measures

1Front Cover Safety Sensor

The safety sensor triggers an automatic halt to printhead operation upon opening of the front cover. This feature not only meets regulatory requirements but also elevates overall safety standards.

2Head Strike Sensor & Platform Suction

No more head strikes, no more headaches. Thanks to our head strike sensor and platform suction, your film stays flat for flawless prints every time.

head stricker sensor and sunction platform
Locked Cover Panel

3 Locked Cover Panels

The locked cover panel prevents unauthorized access to internal parts, enhancing safety and protecting the printer from accidental damage.

4Molded Foam Package

The molded foam is specially crafted to fit the printer perfectly, providing optimal protection against impacts during transportation. This ensures your printer arrives safely, minimizing the risk of damage and costly repairs.

Moduled Foam Protection

One Click To Get Ready-to-PressTransfer

Tuitive Design & Super Easy to Get Hands On

PrintPro Table

  • Facilitate effortless setup of DTF printing solutions;
  • Enhance the visual presentation of DTF printing setups;
  • Create a streamlined workflow that requires minimal space.


Seismo Miro 13

  • Automate film curing and powder applying process;
  • Powder Consumption as Low as a Hair Blower;
  • Patented Molded Bottom Heating Coil System.


Your Complete A3 Solution

Compact Miro 13 Powder Shaker
Miro 13 Powder Shaker
PrintPro Table
Colorful DTF Ink
Color Prime® DTF Inks - 1L
COLOR PRIME DTF Adhesive Powder
Color Prime® DTF Transfer Powder
Quick Glide Instant Peel DTF Film Roll
Quick Glide® Instant Peel DTF Film Roll

Distinctive Service & Support Ecosystem

Dealer Portal
Dealer Portal to Access marketing materials, technical support, and more in one place.
Discord Support
Dedicated Discord Channel Access real-time after-sale support from our experienced team.
Dealer Training Program
Ongoing training designed to equip dealers' technicians with the skills for seamless machine operation.
Comprehensive tutorial videos covering setup, operation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and promotional tips.
Slack Channel for support
AI-powered Support bot with industry expertise providing prompt, professional assistance.
Expert-built AI image generator creates high-resolution designs perfect for printing.

Trusted by Printing Experts
7000+ Printers Sold Across 25 Countries, Building Trust Worldwide

+134 YEARS

Designs, manufactures and distributes Marking, Identification, and Screen Printing products since1890.
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Involved in the paper, packaging, and graphic arts industries since 1920.
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Pioneers in the Screen Printing Industry Since 1949.
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Australian distributor of TAJIMA embroidery machines.
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World’s largest Pottery & Ceramics and Garment Decorating supplier.
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Industry leader in apparel decoration solutions, empowering entrepreneurs for over five decades.
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World’s largest supplier of heat applied graphics and materials since 1974.
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Provider of printing equipment and supplies since 1986
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Leading supplier of heat transfer products.
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Provider of everything for clothing decoration, sewing, embroidery and printing since 1990.
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