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Empowering Dealers: DTF Station Successfully Concludes June Dealer Training Workshop


In June 20-21, DTF STATION proudly hosted the dealer training workshop in California, uniting domestic and international partners. Following the success of our last dealer workshop in Italy for EU dealers, we swiftly organized this event to expand opportunities for connection, insights sharing, and industry leadership.

The workshop marked a significant achievement, reaffirming our dedication to nurturing robust partnerships and mutual advancement. Distinguished by its inclusion of an online live streaming YouTube channel—unlike our previous sessions in Italy—it extended participation to a wider global audience. The enthusiastic feedback and engagement from both online and in-person attendees underscored the workshop’s success, highlighting our dealers’ active involvement in discussions and collaborative initiatives defining the ethos of DTF STATION.

Our Commitment to Dealer Training

At DTF STATION, our dealer training program transcends a mere series of workshops. It serves as a vital platform for fostering transparency and collaboration. We firmly believe that well-informed and knowledgeable dealers are better equipped to support their customers, driving greater success for all parties involved. Our core value, “our customers’ success is our success,” is not just a slogan but a deeply ingrained principle that guides our operations and mindset.

The two-day dealer workshop was filled with valuable sessions aimed at empowering our dealers. While we could elaborate extensively on each aspect, here are some key highlights we would like to share:

DTF Station Overview 2024

Since its inception in 2022, when DTF printing technology reached maturity, DTF STATION has swiftly emerged as a major industry player. In just two years, we have sold over 6,000 printers to international markets. Our dealer network has expanded to 27 countries, with 32 dealers in the United States and 28 international dealers, bringing DTF STATION solutions to an ever-growing number of users worldwide.

Why DTF Station? What Makes Us Different?

Among our esteemed dealers are industry experts with over a century of experience. We are proud to collaborate with these seasoned professionals. While the reasons they choose DTF STATION may vary, our distinct advantages set us apart in the industry. Here’s why DTF STATION stands out:

Transparency: At DTF STATION, transparency is paramount. Whether through hosting dealer training workshops or our sales team’s frequent share with dealers regarding product updates and industry information, we are dedicated to creating a transparent environment. Our dealers have a clear understanding of what to expect and what is happening on our end, whether positive or challenging. Transparency and trust form the foundation of our partnerships with dealers.

Social Media: Despite not having a dedicated large team to manage our social media platforms, we are fortunate to have customers who have spontaneously created Facebook groups to provide tech support at no cost for DTF STATION. We deeply appreciate their efforts and encourage our dealers to enhance their presence on social media. Building trust and leveraging these platforms can significantly boost sales and strengthen customer relationships.

Discord/Slack: DTF STATION is committed to fostering instant communication between dealers, users, and our team. Moving beyond traditional ticket systems that often result in extended wait times, we offer real-time support through platforms like our former Slack channel and current Discord community. Our goal is to provide prompt assistance, with help available within minutes or hours, ensuring efficient and effective support for all our partners and customers.

Discord Support
Discord Support

Over 700 Instructional Videos: To support our dealers in focusing on marketing and sales, DTF STATION has developed a comprehensive library of videos for each product. This extensive collection includes promotional videos, installation guides, how-to tutorials, maintenance instructions, troubleshooting tips, and much more. Should you find that a specific video is not available, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We welcome your feedback and ideas, and we will evaluate and schedule the creation of additional content to meet your needs.

AI/Scalability: Recognizing the transformative potential of AI, DTF STATION has developed its own AI tech assistant, integrated into our Discord community. This cutting-edge tool is designed to continuously learn and handle basic inquiries, with the potential to address a significant portion of technical support requests in the future. By automating routine support tasks, our AI assistant aims to enhance dealer efficiency and free up valuable time, paving the way for more streamlined and effective operations.

Continuous Development: At DTF STATION, we acknowledge that while our rigorous pre-launch testing ensures high standards, no product is without its imperfections. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continually test and refine our equipment. This dedication to ongoing improvement is exemplified by our Founder, who personally oversees testing processes to ensure that our products consistently evolve and improve. And many of the equipment we currently carry has undergone rigorous testing over the course of more than a year, spanning through at least 5-6 iterations prior to its final launch.

What’s New In 2024?

During the overview, we also highlighted our 2024 product launches, which include DTF printers, UV DTF printers, instant peel films, and DTF Blanks.

Prestige XL3

Prestige XL3: 1ST 8-Color Industrial Printer

The Prestige XL3, dding Orange, Red and Green colors. XL3 is the only printer that has 8 colors printing system among DTF Station’s DTF printer line. It is also available to be compαtiable with NEON Color printing system if needed. It is perfect fit for industrial businesses runners who is looking for high standard printing quality on more colors.



Prestige XL4: Fastest Printer with Widest Printing Width

The Prestige XL4, the fatest in speed and widest in width among DTF Station’s DTF printer line, is the perfect fit for industrial businesses runners. Four Epson 13200 printheads, premium print quality, and a smaller size in comparison to other printers with similar performance.


Aries 124 UV DTF Printer

Aries 124: 1st 24″ UV DTF Printer

The Aries 124 is the fastest in speed, largest in witdth of UV-DTF Printer among our DTF STATION Family. The Aries is with 4 Epson i1600 head, a game changer for promotion, sign, personalized industry. It is the perfect industrial level solution for customer who would like to lower the cost for their promotional business, have more possibility for their personalized business and more easier but better performance for their sign business.


Quick Glide Instant Peel DTF Film Roll

Quick Glide: Instant Peel DTF Film Rolls & Sheets

Experience unmatched instant peel and vibrant color output with Quick Glide DTF Film. Engineered for direct-to-film printing, this film can be peeled immediately – with no rubbing or wait time, unlike other hot peel films!

With a high ink loading layer, Quick Glide also offers premium color vibrancy and whites for crisper, better prints.


Product Launch In the Dealer Workshop

In addition to showcasing the products launched earlier in 2024, DTF STATION also unveiled two new products for the first time during the dealer training workshop.

Prestige R1: Best DTF Printer for Beginners, Industrial Prints At Entry-level Costs

Prestige R1 A3+ DTF Printer

Prestige R1 is the first originally manufactured (instead of converted) A3+ DTF printer  for users who want to try DTF printing. With a maximum printing width of 33cm (13”) and a printing speed of 1.2 m2/hour at 8 passes, it enables you to comfortably produce 4-5 shirts per hour. It combines industrial-level capabilities with an entry-level cost, making it ideal for those new to DTF printing. Start your DTF journey today with the Prestige R1 from DTF STATION!


DTF Blanks: DTF Printing Beyong Textile

Over the past two years, our commitment to quality and reliability in equipment has garnered the trust of numerous partners. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive ecosystem, encompassing DTF printers and specially formulated supplies and consumables, ensuring dealers have access to dependable products across the board. Recognizing a crucial element missing from this ecosystem — one that would enable dealers to maximize their investments — we are proud to announce the launch of DTF blanks.

This addition allows dealers to extend their service offerings, enhancing profitability and attracting a broader customer base. Moreover, DTF blanks offer a more cost-effective solution for customization businesses compared with other techniques, positioning dealers for sustained growth in a competitive market. This initiative underscores our dedication to empowering our partners with innovative solutions and reinforcing our leadership in the industry.

PU Mate Series: PU Mate Blanks are tailored for DTF printing, offering vivid prints with zero hand feel and a distinctive PU leather texture. Designed to seamlessly integrate with DTF transfers, they support unlimited color options across a full range of sizes and applications. Recommended printing parameters include 120°C (248°F) for 10 seconds with medium pressure, optimized for use with QUICK GLIDE FILM and Color Prime ink. Discover how PU Mate Blanks enhance your printing quality and versatility here.

Soft Cork Series: Soft cork DTF blanks are characterized by eco-friendly, cost-effective materials that seamlessly integrate with DTF transfers, offering a smooth finish without any discernible hand feel and no limitations on color. With a wide range of products currently available and more on the horizon, our offerings cater to diverse needs. Printing parameters include 140°C (284°F) for 10 seconds under medium pressure, optimized for QUICK GLIDE FILM and Color Prime ink. The benefits are clear: enhancing decorative options for all DTF business operators, reducing costs to broaden market reach and user base, and collectively advancing the personalized industry.

Polycotton Tote Bag: Crafted from a blend of 35% cotton and 65% polyester fabric, our DTF tote bag ensure a flawless application with no discernible hand feel and unrestricted color capabilities. Produced by skilled sewing professionals, each item boasts superior workmanship for guaranteed quality. Whether you require custom colors, sizes, or shapes, our low minimum order quantities accommodate diverse OEM needs. Printing at 120°C (248°F) for 10 seconds with medium pressure and a cold peel process using QUICK GLIDE FILM and Color Prime ink ensures optimal results. Enjoy the market’s most sought-after product series that combines ease of use with high-quality printing, all at a competitive price point.

What’s Comming Soon?

In addition to unveiling new products during the dealer workshop, we also outlined our upcoming plans for future product releases, including those scheduled for debut at the 2024 Printing United trade show and later this year. These anticipated launches may encompass a diverse range of innovations including

  • A new 24″ powder shaker machine which is more compact to save space and fit in stanadrd door, lower power comsumption and more features compared with the Seismo L24R.
  • Few new DTF & UV DTF printers
  • A roll-to-roll cutter to streamline production
  • A new customized software to enhance user experience
  • More to come…

For more details, subscribe to our newsletter or reach out to us directly.

Moving Tech Support To Discrod

We’re shifting our tech support from Slack to Discord for faster, more efficient user assistance. Discord offers real-time messaging, helpful shortcuts and bots, organized tickets and threads, easy file sharing, and robust customization.

This transition not only benefits users but also enhances supply chain management by minimizing waste through just-in-time material delivery and streamlining workflow visibility to reduce lead times, ensuring faster order fulfillment for dealers.

Prepare For the Future with AI

AI is comming and it is inevitable trend. The question is how we get prepared for the future. Though only very few company in the industry are cample of implementing AI into their daily tasks, our technical team has been working to bring the future of AI to your daily work.

A. Marcus: Revolutionizing AI Tech Support

Marcus, our AI tech support robot, initially launched on Slack, has been instrumental in providing comprehensive assistance based on our extensive database of DTF printing knowledge. With our transition to Discord, Marcus retains access to this wealth of information, now with enhanced learning capabilities from each support interaction. Our objective is for Marcus to efficiently manage the majority of support requests, escalating only unresolved issues to technicians. This approach aims to optimize cost-effectiveness and save valuable time for all parties involved.

B. Image Presto – AI Image Generator

Beyond AI tech support, another groundbreaking advancement in DTF printing is our AI image generator – Image Presto. Tailored for users lacking design expertise, this technology simplifies the creation process. While currently in beta, future plans may involve bundling it with our printers to elevate user experience. Dealers could soon be granted with trail credits to explore its capabilities firsthand, promising enhanced functionality and ease-of-use in design workflows.

Technical Training

The dealer training workshop delved into essential technical aspects crucial for mastering DTF printing. The sessions covered a spectrum of topics, including insightful case studies illustrating practical applications, key operational and maintenance practices to optimize printer performance, comprehensive training on our Digirip software for seamless workflow integration, and a deep dive into color basics to achieve vibrant and accurate prints. These elements were meticulously curated to empower our dealers with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the dynamic world of DTF printing.

Feedback from our dealers has been overwhelmingly positive, with attendees expressing enthusiasm for the practical insights gained and confidence in applying the knowledge to enhance their business operations. The interactive nature of the training sessions fostered a dynamic learning environment, ensuring that participants left well-prepared and empowered to succeed in the competitive DTF printing market.

Networking and Collaboration

A standout feature of the workshop was the invaluable networking and collaboration opportunities it afforded. Bringing together both domestic and international dealers, the event facilitated the exchange of market insights, industry news, business experiences, and the latest technologies. The engaging discussions and interactions among dealers fostered a sense of unity and camaraderie, aligning our team with shared goals and values. This collective effort promises to strengthen partnerships and drive innovation within our global community of DTF printing professionals.

DTF Station also seized the opportunity to engage in face-to-face discussions with our global network of dealers for exchanging insights, exploring collaborative opportunities, and strengthening relationships within the DTF printing community. The engagement further solidifies DTF Station’s commitment to supporting and empowering our dealers worldwide, ensuring alignment and mutual success in navigating the evolving landscape of digital textile printing.

Upcoming November Dealer Training Workshop

The June dealer workshop was a testament to the power of collaboration and shared knowledge. We are incredibly grateful to all the participants for their enthusiasm and engagement. The insights and connections gained from this event will undoubtedly contribute to our mutual success.

We look forward to continuing this journey with our dealers, supporting them with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive. Together, we can achieve remarkable success. We invite dealers to stay informed and connected as we prepare for another enriching dealer training workshop scheduled for November. For more details, please contact us—we look forward to embarking on this journey together towards achieving remarkable success.


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