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Introducing Aries 124 Commercial UV DTF Printer

Built for High-Demand Printing: Engineered for commercial and industrial pros who need peak performance every day.

Industrial Printheads

Max Print Width

8 Pass Printing Speed

4"*4" Logo Prints

UV DTF Printed Custom Sticker Application Scenarios

Unlock Unmatched Versatility & Expand Your Business

UV DTF printers offer diverse applications, enabling you to tap into new markets and boost profits with precision and creativity.

All Hard & Smooth Surfaces

Flat & Uneven Surfaces

Wraps & Stickers & Decals & More

Smart & Safe Printing

User-friendly Design

Enhanced Safety

Easy Maintenance

Printing & Laminating 2-in-1

Save time and money with ready-to-use stickers, no extra laminating machine and process needed!

Passive and Active Auto-Cleaning

Auto-Cleaning keep the printhead in top condition for flawless prints and easier maintenance at all times.

With DigiRIP Software

DigiRIP Software enhances printing process, providing a complete, efficient solution for seamless production.

Head Strike Sensor

Safety Sensor Prevents issues before they affect print quality for exceptional precision & safety every time!

Auto Ink Alert

The system notifies you when ink is low, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and uninterrupted printing.

Emergency Button

Emergency button offers quick shutdown capabilities, providing peace of mind and ensuring operator safety.

White Ink Management System

WIMS ensures dynamic, high-quality results with a timed white ink stirring system for versatile printing.

Pneumatic Release Film Feeding

Pneumatic release film feeding mechanism boosts productivity and simplifies operation.

Easy-Access Pannel

Easy-Access Panel simplifies technician tasks with key access while ensuring important parts remain securely protected.

Exceptional Dealer Support

Your Success, Our Commitment: We provide personalized support and resources to help dealers and customers thrive in the printing industry.

Global Distributor Network

Superior after-sales service is of utmost importance in the DTF printing industry. DTF Station is dedicated to establish a global distributor network that ensures the most prompt local support and immediate assistance for our dealers.

Comprehensive Dealer Resources

DTF Station's Dealer Platform regularly updates photos, videos, and documents to provide dealers with a comprehensive set of up-to-date resources and all the necessary marketing, sales, and after-sales materials to smoothly support their customers.

Streamlined Dealer Communication

Our dedicated Slack channel provides a streamlined online communication platform for our dealers, allowing them to promptly submit requests and feedback and get assistance and we could continuously deliver enhanced value based on their monthly feedback.

Need A Solution for Small Businesses?

Aries 113 - A3 UV DTF Printer

Aries 113 is the first UV-DTF Printer among our DTF STATION Family. It is with dual EPSON F1080 head and also the perfect entry level solution for customer who would like to try new UV-DTF printing technology.

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