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Print Beyond Limits: Your Exclusive Invitation to FESPA 2024!



FESPA Global Print Expo (often referred to simply as FESPA) has become the largest and most significant event in its field. During the last FESPA event in 2023, the exhibition drew an impressive attendance of 14,776 unique visitors, with an additional 22,757 re-visits. A staggering 84% of attendees held influential decision-making positions, emphasizing the direct impact participants had on shaping industry trends. Notably, 73% of visitors were identified as managers, owners, or managing directors, underscoring the event’s appeal to top-tier professionals.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the printing and signage sector, the comming FESPA 2024 is an invaluable opportunity. Join us at this invaluable event to connect with key decision-makers, discover cutting-edge products, and actively contribute to the dynamic evolution of the global printing industry. We extend a special invitation to you to visit our booth and be part of this transformative experience.

  • Booth No.: B12 (Hall 2)
  • Date:March 19th-22nd
  • Add:Amsterdam RAI,Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Free Entry Code: EXHUW34 (Register for FREE before February 19th with this code, or pay an additional 30 euros if registering after this date.) — REGISTER NOW!

In addition to FESPA 2024, we will be participating in various other trade shows within the printing industry. Kindly refer to our Trade Show page for further details and updates.

Our Featured Products at FESPA 2024

Step into the future of printing innovation as we proudly unveil our standout products at FESPA 2024. At our booth, we are thrilled to showcase a collection that embodies excellence, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of printing and signage. Get ready to be inspired and discover the forefront of print innovation at our exhibition booth.

Aries 124 UV DTF Printer

Aries 124 – 60CM UV DTF Printer – NEW ARRIVAL

The Aries 124 is the fastest in speed, largest in witdth of UV-DTF Printer among our DTF STATION Family, we had been waiting for so long to lanuch it. The Aries is with three Epson 11600 head, it is the perfect industrial level solution for customer who would like to lower the cost for their promotional business, have more possibility for their personalized business and more easier but better performance for their sign business.

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Aries 113 A3 UV DTF Printer

Aries 113 – A3 UV DTF Printer – NEW ARRIVAL

The Aries 113 is the first A3 UV-DTF Printer among our DTF STATION Family, we had been waiting for so long to lanuch it. There is no doubt that UV-DTF would be the next game changer for promotion, sign, personalized industry.

The Aries is with dual EPSON F1080 head, it is the perfect entry level solution for customer who would like to try new UV-DTF printing technology.

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Prestige XL4 DTF PRINTER (1)

Prestige XL4- Epson i3200x4 60CM DTF Printer – NEW ARRIVAL

The Prestige XL4, the fatest in speed and widest in width among DTF Station’s DTF printer line, is the perfect fit for industrial businesses runners. Four Epson 13200 printheads, premium print quality, and a smaller size in comparison to other printers with similar performance.

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Prestige R2 Pro A3 DTF PRINTER

Prestige R2 Pro – I1600 A3 DTF Printer – NEW ARRIVAL

Prestige R2 Pro was developed for business runners with limited space looking to print between 150 to 200 shirts daily. Compact yet powerful, this desktop printer is the key to the entire DTF industry. With DigiRIP RIP software, DTF Station Powder, Ink, and Film, the R2 Pro runs as eash as to any inkjet printer and is the perfect all-around solution for those planning to bring DTF to their garment printing business!

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Prestige L2 DTF Transfer Printer

Prestige L2 – A2 DTF Pritner

The Prestige L2 commercial DTF transfer printer is the perfect fit for mid-sized businesses and those looking to upgrade from smaller pipelines. With similar features as the Prestige XL2 in a smaller package, this 16″ roll printer will boost your DTF printing speed with ease and efficiency.

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prestige a4 dtf printer blue 1

Prestige A4 – Desktop DTF Printer

Prestige A4 DTF Printer, DTF Station’s smallest printer ever! Perfect for garment printing enthusiasts starting out with direct to film printing, the desktop printer is avaiable in three color options -Classic (Black& Grey ), pink and mint. It ensures high quality and reliable results at 0.8m2/hour, and its compact design means you can place this printer just about anywhere.

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Miro 13 Powder Shaker

Miro 13 – Powder Auto-shaker

Miro 13 is the latest version of Auto-shaker, it is developed to update the user’s benefit to run both DTF Station’s A3 and A4 solutions. With lower heating solution ,it reduced the power consumption from 1500W to 1100W while make the whole curving process much more easier. Build-in air purifier make our Miro 13 ensure you a more easier set-up while more eco-friendly working enviroment.

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Prisma Auto Atumatic Heat Press

Prisma Auto – Auto-open Heat Press

Prisma Auto Heat Press is with the platen size as 4050cm(1620″) which is the most popular size. With the Auto-open with slider, pressure sensor, Ramlock & Ramspin systems, this heat press will be an added asset to your operation. A heat press can meet all the expected jobs from users is what our Prisma Auto heat press is!

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In addition to the highlighted products, we will also be featuring the following items: Seismo L24R powder shaker, Prisma Hobby A4 heat press, Prisma Palette A3 heat press, Prisma Swing heat press, SP-03 large DTF smoke purifier, Phoenix Air desktop DTF Oven, S20 desktop powder shaker.

For additional details about FESPA 2024 or to schedule a meeting with us during the event, kindly complete the contact form below. This will enable us to promptly provide you with the necessary information.

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