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KOSIGN 2023 Spotlight: Sunmicro to Showcase Cutting-Edge DTF Printing Solution from DTF Station


In an exciting development, our Korean dealer, Sunmicro, is set to showcase DTF Station’s revolutionary DTF Printing Solution at the prestigious KOSIGN 2023 event. KOSIGN (Korea International Sign & Design Show) is the most representative and the biggest exhibition on the printing, and advertising industry in Korea. The previous show was attended by over 179 exhibitors, 641 booths, and 11,228 trade buyers from 50 countries and the numbers are steadily growing. Sunmicro’s presenting at the show signifies a remarkable step forward, aligning with our commitment to redefine printing technology on a global scale.

About Sunmircro

Sunmicro, a leading Korean manufacturer and supplier specializing in high-performance thermal transfer film materials for the textile and garment market, has introduced an extensive array of world-class products tailored for cad-cut plotters and digital printers. With a solid foundation of experience and accumulated knowledge, Sunmicro made the strategic decision to expand its product line and market presence by venturing into the burgeoning DTF printing technology.

After careful consideration, Sunmicro has chosen DTF Station as its trusted partner for this exciting journey. Leveraging our extensive expertise and cutting-edge technology in DTF printing, Sunmicro has decided to offer the complete range of DTF Station family machines, coupled with our dedicated professional after-sale support, in the dynamic South Korean market. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions and support to our valued clients.

Summicro Team at KOSIGN 2023
Sunmicro Team at KOSIGN 2023

We are delighted and honored by Sunmicro’s choice to collaborate with us and this strategic alliance reflects the confidence in our technology, service, and shared vision for advancing the printing industry in South Korea. We look forward to a successful partnership and contributing to Sunmicro’s continued success in the evolving world of printing technology.

Dealer Empowerment and Collaboration

Our partnership with Sunmicro is truly a collaborative journey, and the upcoming presentation of our DTF printing solution at KOSIGN 2023 marks a shared achievement. For Sunmicro, this platform offers an exciting opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge technology, providing them with a valuable addition to their product lineup. In turn, we appreciate the enthusiasm and dedication Sunmicro brings to this collaboration, creating a positive environment for mutual growth and success. The value extends beyond business – it’s about fostering a relationship that propels both Sunmicro and us into new heights of innovation and influence within the printing industry. As we embark on this venture together, the shared positive attitude and passion are the driving forces behind the collective impact we aim to make at KOSIGN 2023.

Summicro Bring DTF Station to KOSIGN 2023
Sunmicro Bring DTF Station to KOSIGN 2023

Featured Exhibition Showcase Products

At KOSIGN 2023, Sunmicro is unveiling the comprehensive printing solution from the DTF Station family, featuring a range of products such as DTF printers, powder shakers, DTF air purifiers, heat press machines, and UV DTF printers. Highlighting a selection of showcased items, here are some standout products from the DTF Station product line.

Aries 113: Perfect Entry Level UV-DTF Printing Solution

The Aries 113 marks a significant milestone as the inaugural UV-DTF Printer within our DTF STATION Family. The anticipation for its launch has been substantial. Undoubtedly, UV-DTF is poised to be the next game-changer in the realms of promotion, signage, and personalized industries. Combining compact yet robust features, it boasts an intuitive and elegant design for effortless setup. Equipped with the Epson Dual EPSON F1080 head, the Aries 113 serves as the ideal entry-level solution for customers eager to explore and embrace the innovative realm of UV-DTF printing technology.

Aries 113 UV DTF Printer

A4 DTF Printing Solution: Perfect Complete Entry Level DTF Printing Solution

Introducing the Prestige A4 Printer, DTF Station’s most compact printer to date! Tailored for enthusiasts venturing into direct-to-film printing, this desktop marvel is available in three chic color options: Classic (Black & Grey), Pink, and Mint. Ensuring high quality and reliable results at a speed of 0.8㎡/hour, its compact design allows for versatile placement in any workspace. Beyond the DTF printer, its compatibility with the Sesimo S20 desktop powder shaker and Phoenix Air 4050 DTF Oven creates a holistic DTF printing solution ideal for those starting their journey in the customization business.

Prestige A4 DTF Printing Solution
Prestige A4 DTF Printing Solution

Prestige R2 A3 DTF Printer: Perfect Business Level DTF Printing Solution

Designed specifically for business owners operating within confined spaces and aiming to print between 150 to 200 shirts daily, the Prestige R2 stands out as a compact yet potent desktop printer that serves as a linchpin in the entire DTF industry. This desktop printer, equipped with DigiRIP RIP software, DTF Station powder, Ink, and Film, operates seamlessly, akin to any inkjet printer. It emerges as the ultimate all-around solution for those intending to integrate DTF technology into their garment printing business!

60CM DTF Printing Solution: Perfect Industrial DTF Printing Solution

Presenting the Prestige XL2, the epitome of speed and width within DTF Station’s distinguished line of DTF printers, tailored for industrial business operations. Boasting dual Epson I3200 printheads, this powerhouse ensures premium print quality while maintaining a more compact size in comparison to similarly performing printers. The seamless integration of the Seismo L24R powder applicator and large air purifier automates the entire DTF printing process, promoting a clean and odor-free workspace. Together, these components deliver an efficient and robust DTF printing solution, making the Prestige XL2 an ideal choice for players in the industrial printing sector.

60CM Industrial DTF Printing Solution
60CM Industrial DTF Printing Solution

Stay Connected

For those keen on staying abreast of the latest developments, follow us for more updates from KOSIGN 2023. We invite you to join us on this journey of innovation. Should you find yourself at the event, we extend a heartfelt invitation to visit the Sunmicro booth located at D400 in Hall A. Your presence would be greatly valued, and we look forward to the opportunity to connect with you.


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