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New Products

Prestige XL3

The Prestige XL3 is the only printer that has 8 colors printing system among DTF Station’s DTF printer line. It is also available to be compαtiable with NEON Color printing system if needed. It is perfect fit for industrial businesses runners who is looking for high standard printing quality on more colors.

Prestige XL4

The Prestige XL4, the fatest in speed and widest in width among DTF Station’s DTF printer line, is the perfect fit for industrial businesses runners. Four Epson 13200 printheads, premium print quality, and a smaller size in comparison to other printers with similar performance.

Aries 113

The Aries 113 is the first UV-DTF Printer among our DTF STATION Family, we had been waiting for so long to lanuch it. There is no doubt that UV-DTF would be the next game changer for promotion, sign, personalized industry. It is also the perfect entry level solution for customer who would like to try new UV-DTF printing technology.

Miro 13

Miro 13 is the latest version of Auto-shaker based on Seisimo 11 ,it is developed to update the user’s benefit to run both DTF Station’s A3 and A4 solutions. With lower heating solution ,it reduced the power consumption from 1500W to 1100W while make the whole curving process much more easier

Prisma Palette

Prisma Palette Heat Press is with the size of 35*42cm(13.78*16.54″) which is the perfect size for the users who has both A3 and A4 printing solutions.
Elegant design ,LED disaplay with Ramlock system make this press easy to operate. Three colors for your choice , Classic Black& Grey, Pink and Mint

Prisma Hobby

Prisma Hobby Heat Press is an A4 size press, suitable for dye-sub starter, vinyl crafter, all types of transfer printing. So it is a perfect press for hobby or starter or if you are struggling with space at your shop or working places. Three colors for your options: Classic Black & Grey, Pink, Mint.

Our Workflow Before Product Launch


The monthly feedback from our global dealers helps us better understand customer needs. This allows us to develop new models that help our dealers stay ahead of the competition.


As exemplified by Prisma Auto in its 6th version after 7 years of continuous enhancements, we are dedicated to creating enduring models that provide exceptional service to our customers.


We continuously optimize supply chain by sourcing high-quality, cost-effective materials and enforcing a maximum 3% defect rate with raw material suppliers to maintain the highest quality standards.


We conduct 3 random sampling inspections and a full pre-shipment inspection via 2-hour  running test for each machine to ensure only flawless products are delivered to our customers.


The product launch marks only the beginning of our journey. We believe that exceptional service and dedicated support are the best returns on our customers’ investment. 

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