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Lower Power Usage

With direct bottom heating, film cures efficiently, saving powder compared to bulbs, thanks to the 0.88KW low power setting & bottom heating coil.

More Even Heat Distribution

Direct contact ensures more even heat distribution on the bottom surface, unlike heating bulbs that rely on unstable and uneven air distribution.

Minimal Over-Curing

The DTF curing oven, boasting efficient and uniform heat distribution, significantly reduces the risk of over-curing.

DTF Curing Oven for Garment Decoration
Your Ultimate Curing Oven

For Flawless Garment Decoration

The Phoenix Air 16×20 Curing Oven is your ideal solution for achieving flawless custom garment decoration, especially with large film sizes like 13″ x 19″, 14″ x 16″, 16″ x 20″, and more!

With the Phoenix Air 16×20 Curing Oven, unleash your creativity and achieve professional-grade results across a wide range of garment types!

Clear & Odor-Free
The DTF Curing Oven's Built-In Purifier Creates a Healthy Work Environment for Home Businesses

DTF Oven with Air Purifier

Built-in Filters for Eco-Friendly Workspaces!

Introducing DTF Station Replacement Filters—essential for pristine air. Maximize the lifespan and performance of equipment, and elevate your printing experience. Remember to replace filters monthly for optimal performance.

Swift Curing in 60 Seconds
Experience Faster Results

Faster Curing & Power Savings!

User-Friendly Design

Simplified Operation and Maintenance for Beginner-Friendly Experience

Desktop Efficiency
Tailored Solution for Home and Small Businesses

Phoenix Air DTF Curing Oven
Seismo S20 Desktop Powder Shaker
Seismo S20 Desktop Powder Shaker
Prestige R2 A3 DTF Printer
Pristige R2 A3 DTF Printer (Epson F1080*2)
Prestige A4 DTF Printer
Pristige A4 DTF Printer
Prestige R2 Pro A3 DTF PRINTER
Prestige R2 Pro A3 DTF Printer (Epson i1600*2)
Prisma Palette A3 Heat Press
Prisma Swing Heat Press
Prisma Auto Heat Press
Prisma Auto Heat Press

Premium DTF Supplies
Choose Quality & Elevate Your Prints & Don't Compromise

Color Prime® DTF Inks
DTF Quick Glide Film
Quick Glide® Instant Peel DTF Film
COLOR PRIME DTF Adhesive Powder
Color Prime® DTF Powder

Exceptional Dealer Support

Your Success, Our Commitment: We provide personalized support and resources to help dealers and customers thrive in the printing industry.

Global Distributor Network

Superior after-sales service is of utmost importance in the DTF printing industry. DTF Station is dedicated to establish a global distributor network that ensures the most prompt local support and immediate assistance for our dealers.

Comprehensive Dealer Resources

DTF Station's Dealer Platform regularly updates photos, videos, and documents to provide dealers with a comprehensive set of up-to-date resources and all the necessary marketing, sales, and after-sales materials to smoothly support their customers.

Streamlined Dealer Communication

Our dedicated Slack channel provides a streamlined online communication platform for our dealers, allowing them to promptly submit requests and feedback and get assistance and we could continuously deliver enhanced value based on their monthly feedback.

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