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Prestige A4 DTF Printer - Desktop Coverted Printer for Beginners

Unparalleled Quality, Unmatched Performance!
Elevate Your Textile Printing Game!




Presenting the Prestige A4 DTF Printer, DTF Station's smallest printer ever! Perfect for garment printing enthusiasts starting out with direct to film
printing, the desktop printer is avaiable in three color options -Classic (Black& Grey ), pink and mint. It ensures high quality and reliable results
at 0.8m2/hour, and its compact design means you can place this printer just about anywhere.

Key Features

  • 0.8m2/hour(1440*720DPI)/9 sqft/hour! Fast speed at a comparably low price!
  • White ink circulating system
  • Auto-cleaning system
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Offered with DigiRIP RIP Software


  • Perfect for entry level DTF Printing
  • Compact yet powerful
  • Intuitive,elegant design for easy set up

Compatible With

  • DigiRIP RIP Software
  • Miro 13 Shaker
  • Phoenix Air Oven 4050
Model Name Prestige A4
Item No. D.02.01.0032(black&grey)/D.02.01.0033(pink)/D.02.01.0034(mint)
Printer Head Epson L805
Printing Speed 0.8m2/hour(1440*720DPI)/9 sqft/hou
Daily Output 50pcs(7.87"11.81" design, 8hours per day)/day
Mainboard Epson Original (Converted)
Interface USB
Software DigiRIP RIP Software
Max Film Width 20cm (7.87")
Max Print Width 20cm (7.87")
Product Weight 13kg
Packaging Weight 15.2kg
Machine Dimensions 580*530*200mm
Packaging Dimensions 810*560*320mm
Daily Output 50pcs(20*30cm design 7.87"11.81")
Suitable Material Cotton, Polyester, PU
Warranty One year warranty except all the parts which are related to ink
Suitable Users Starter

Videos To Maximize Prestige A4 DTF Printer's Potential


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What Can You Print With Prestige A4 DTF Printer?

DTF Printed Artwork by Prestige A4 DTF Printer


Printing speed is up to 9 square feet per hour, 6-9 T-shirts one hour.

Prestige A4 can manage to print any design with the width limits as 20cm, BUT NO Length limits at all . Such as: chest Logo for all types of garments, Kids T-shirt, all types of logo printing for caps, polo shirt, backpack, jacket, etc.

6-9 T-shirts one hour, 40-60 T-shirts one day.

100W, Prestige A4 requires the same power as 2 laptops.

Yes, we have maintenance chart and full sets of daily/weekly maintenance videos available.

  • Auto-cleaning system which is controlled by self-developed control board
  • Pre-set software which is called DigIRip and it is OEM by Cadlink for DTF Station

We always suggest customer use our DigiRip software, due it is pre-set with all the settings, you just need to install, then choose the Prestige A4, then you would be ready to run the printer!

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Prestige A4

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PhotoPrestige R2 Pro DTF Printer
Max. Printing Width21cm30cm30cm45cm(18″) 60cm(24″)
Printing SpeedA4(1140/5min)6Pass 2.5-3.5 sqm/h
8Pass 1.5-2 sqm/h
10 Pass 2.5-3 sqm/h
12 Pass 1.5- 2 sqm/h
6Pass 5.5 sqm/h
8Pass 4.5 sqm/h
6Pass 9.5 sqm/h
8Pass 7.5 sqm/h
Net Weight (kg)15kg40kg56.5kg139kg 154kg
Main Board & Printer HeadEPSON/
Hosonsoft /
Dual EPSON F1080
Hosonsoft /
Dual EPSON i1600
Hosonsoft /
Dual Epson I3200
Hosonsoft /
Dual Epson I3200
Daily Output70 pcs
(7.87″ x 11.81″ design size, 8 hrs per day)
Around 160pcs
(Based on 12”x14” design size, 8 hours per day)
Around 160pcs
(Based on 12”x14” design size, 8 hours per day)
6pass: 400pcs / 8pass: 300pcs
(Based on 12”x14” design size, 8 hours per day)
6pass: 650pcs / 8pass: 500pcs
(Based on 12”x14” design size, 8 hours per day)
SizePrinter Size
Packing Size
Printer Size
Packing Size
Printer Size
Packing Size
Printer Size
Packing Size
Printer Size
Packing Size

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